Last night Trudi and I celebrated our (joint) birthday and also our wedding anniversary.

Then we had an argument, a very rare happening, but very unsettling.

I tell you this because you receive and probably quickly read my articles – and I wouldn’t want you to think I write from a life of self-satisfied self-realisation, free of any hurt, pain, fear, distress or disagreement. I definitely don’t.

I don’t share from any lofty mountaintop.

I share from a place that swings between regular interaction with my shadow self and regular interaction from a spirit-platform part-way up the lower slopes of that lofty mountain.

Yet I try to share with you only the side of me that faces the Light.

In the Koran it is written: Wheresoever you look, there is the face of God.

We just have to keep seeing it.

Even if that means pausing for a moment or two (or more!) and looking for it.

In rocks, in clouds, in flowers, in birdsongs, in our pets and in all the people around us.

Sometimes, we forget – we all forget, sometimes quite often – and in forgetting we remember our illusions instead. The rocks become a hindrance, the clouds become annoying rain, the flowers become weeds, the birdsongs become irritating and people become problems.

When the Master smiled at his small band of followers and cried out “The Kingdom of Heaven is within” he was carefully reminding them that everything we think is real, material, actual, factual, practical, sensible, permanent… a sham. Just a distorted hologram. A figment of our dysfunctional, distorted perception.

None of it is real or solid at all.

None of it is worth trying to build our very existence (and fulfillment) upon!

On the other hand, everything within the very core of our being – our deepest feelings of one-ness, compassion, love, respect, bliss,    happiness, joyfulness, safety, certainty, okay-ness, co-operation and togetherness……are our actual reality. The truth of who we are.

The way we express the Face of God. Our figment of Divine One-ness.

Only this Kingdom is actually real and sensibly worth finding.

Religion rarely encourages such self-discovery.

Instead, it recommends obedience to beliefs about the discoveries made by others.

Yet Jesus urged his hardy band to do it themselves and ‘go within’ – an extraordinary urging of authentic self-remembrance – a journey that    each of us must makeourselves: no-one can ever do it for us.

He encouraged us to get real, be real – and find the real.

It can be most helpful therefore on what is always a lonesome journey to remember Mohammed’s beautiful words:
Wheresoever you look, there is the face of God.

We’re being watched by Divine Consciousness itself – watched everywhere, watched every moment!

When we understand this, then we understand that we’re being watched, supported and nurtured every step of the way inward toward our eventual self-discovery.

Happy steps inward this week to all of you!

Love and Blessings,


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