“Some days are diamonds, Some days are stones”  sang John Denver in that famous song.

Speaking to a Friend the other day gave me the chance to remind myself that not all days seem to be diamonds.

Indeed, for all of us, some days definitely seem as heavy as stones!

Some of us are moving through the agony of separation or divorce and feel like failures.

Others are moving through acute illness and feel quite useless.

Some are facing economic or material distress and feel absolutely worthless.

Still others are dealing with the traumas of abuse and violence and feel totally helpless.

And many suffer from mental, physical or cultural disadvantage and feel marginalised and unwanted.

Owning the ‘Face of God’ in ourselves is not always easy.

In fact, sometimes it’s almost impossible – our hurts, fears, reactions and situations can be overwhelming.

At such times it’s important we don’t simply reject the “face of God” as not-for-us-right-now.

If we do so, we regress to wallowing in our negative insecurities and delusions.

Rather we should still find a way to own “the Face” as our legitimate and real state of being whilst acknowledging at the same time our inability to adequately express it in that moment.

In other words, owning “The face of God” isn’t an activity only for the good-times when all is going along well and sunshiney days are as common as clinging cobbler-pegs.

It’s a critical activity for all those ‘not-so-good’ days, too.

Put simply it’s okay not to feel okay…….whilst knowing from somewhere deep inside we really are okay.

It’s okay to feel loss or pain or hurt or fear……whilst – at the same time – knowing deep within that all is really okay.

It’s okay to have that duality that says ‘I’m not okay but I really am okay”.

It’s called being a human.

A human embracing their inner greatness.

Lately it’s a place I’ve had to re-embrace for myself.

My prayer, my hope, my earnest desire is that you are able to embrace that place, too.

Then, whatever happens, you’ll know you’re okay…..even when you’re not feeling okay.

And that knowing will bring you to a deeper realisation and ownership that it’s okay to have the feeling of not feeling okay because at adeeper level of awareness you truly know you are okay.

Love and Blessings,


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