The Extra Secret To Manifesting

Thanks to those people who replied to last week’s article.

One person hit the nail on the head: Mother Theresa failed to consciously connect with God because she was looking for the Divine Presence “somewhere out there”…..

rather than owning her most loving inner feelings – the way each of us can access (in a way limited only by our human nature) – true Divine Presence –  “in here”……

Yes, we are all part of the Divine. It is not separate from us.

There is a wonderful film about Mother Theresa’s  life (and letters) simply called “The Letters”. It is available on Netflix and I imagine other film sites.

You would enjoy it immensely.


The Extra Secret To Manifesting……

Everyone is told that the secret to manifesting is to focus on what you want – and to ignore any other outcome……it’s called the Law of Attraction.

Put simply it goes like this………..

Picture what you want to manifest and stay focussed on it.
Visualise it as if it has already manifested.
Don’t think about any negatives such as “I’m not good enough” or  “I’m never that lucky” or “It can’t happen to me”……..


The problem is it still doesn’t always work.

And the reasons are simple.

Firstly, it’s not a Law like the law of gravity (which always works for everyone, everywhere, every day, every time).

It works only under certain circumstances.

This is the extra secret to manifesting……


Firstly, it only works if it’s your soul that desires it. Not your ego.

If your ego wants a thing you can still have it – but you may have to work hard for it!!

If your Spirit wants it, on the other hand, its far more accessible as the entire Universe can work effortlessly toward manifesting it for you!


Secondly, it only works if it’s appropriate for you at a given time.

Sometimes your Soul can be eager for something that’s not in your best interest. At such times, the Universe will block it from appearing until the time is right.

At the end of the day, the Universe knows best!!


And thirdly, it doesn’t draw things to you – but draws you to the things that benefit you.

This means that we have to be willing to change, move, travel, modify, stop, start afresh, adapt ourselves, adjust our schedules, alter our lifestyle, modify our behaviour…..

It doesn’t just come to us – but rather it guides us towards those things that are best for us. So we have to stay aware and awake!!


So now, let’s start manifesting!!!

What do YOU want to bring into your life and your world?

More peace?love?harmony?trust?joy?friendship?co-operation?respect?……????


Love and Blessings,