Christ’s Mass is on the way.

This has nothing at all to do with Santa Claus, reindeer, wrapped presents, fir trees, snow, mistletoe, coloured baubles, mulled wine, legs of pig, fruit pudding, barbecues or party hats.

Now before you brand me the reincarnated Grinch, let me finish.

Business may quite intelligently promote it as such because it’s good for the cash register.

General society may quite wisely celebrate it as such because it’s good for bonhomie in a world that has far too little of it.

But we have to face it: there’s an elephant in the room, too.

That elephant is the fact that Christ’s Mass is primarily meant to be a celebration of our communion – our connection – with the Divine.

For Christians that means a recognition of Christ’s presence at the mass.

For the rest of us, it still means something truly significant: a remembrance that we are never alone.

For most of us that’s a radical idea.

We seem to be alone much of the time – especially if we’re ill, hurt or poor.

But we are never alone: Spirit/God/bodhisattvas/angels/the Divine Presence walk beside us, always, eager to help us always in all ways.

This is a time for us to remember the existence of Spirit –  and to renew our connection with this most important part of our Existence.

You may not be able to see Spirit or hear Spirit – but just like Helen Keller who was totally blind and deaf – you can still feel it and embrace with appreciation that which seems invisible.

When you do so, you’re truly celebrating your connection to Spirit which was the original (and most important) purpose of Christmas.

Trudi and I wish you a happy and delightfully enriching festive celebration, rich in love, friends, good Spirits and peace!

Blessings and hugs,