Our belief that we are the person we think we are is my definition of insanity.

Imagine we were an artist.

We start off with a blank canvas.

We add a brush stroke of red.

Now one of yellow.

Now green.

Now a flourish of colours and shapes and patterns…….dazzingly, a picture appears before our eyes!

We keep adding……a black splotch here…….a dab of blue there…….a streak of white over there.

Voila! We have created a masterpiece, of sorts!!

Now imagine that blank canvas is the moment our life sparks up…..

That first brush stroke is our first thought.

Our second brush stroke is our second thought.

And every thought we have thereafter becomes a brushstroke on the blank canvas of our life.

The dabs and flourishes are the sunny and fulfilling thoughts we have.

The splotches and streaks represent our tearful and fearful thoughts.

The picture we paint is this person we call ‘me’ and this thing we call ‘my life’.

To think we are the painting would be insanity, wouldn’t it?

You and I know that the painting simply represents the actions and skills (the thoughts and feelings) of the ‘being’ who is expressing itself, the artist.

The artist is the being that creates the painting.

In the same way YOU and I are the infinite Beingness that creates the masterpiece we call ‘myself’ and ‘my life’.

The characters we think we are – and the lives we think we’re stuck with – are both merely artistic fabrications…….to think what we create is ‘us’ is my definition of insanity.

‘Us’ is the Infinite Being, the very soul of being-ness, the spirit of life itself, the Divine Essence, that Immortal Presence that exists within us, as us, and undertakes the creating.

You and I are never today’s painting.

What we really are is an aspect of the Eternal Artist.

Hey, what will we do with our paints (our thoughts) today??!!

Hugs and love to each of you,