Sometimes we just have to remember that all is always changing….. coming, going, here, there, then, now……

Nothing ever stays static: no moment, no event, no particle, no atom, no cell, no light, no wave, no movement, no metal, no mineral, no living life-form, no body.

All is evolving, devolving, turning, churning, moving, assembling,  disassembling, moving together, moving away, forming, reforming, creating and recreating…

All happens only in the ‘now’ moment – and then re-forms.

Every experience is only ‘now’ and then it’s gone.

Nothing remains as it was.

Yet nothing is ever lost, either.

Hydrogen and oxygen may form water together – and then change from steam to liquid and then frozen ice and then back again and then dissolve back into separate hydrogen and oxygen molecules and go their own way – but none of it is ever lost even ‘though it undergoes constant and continuous change (and always will)…..

Spirit reminds us that although there are constant ‘goodbyes’ there are also constant ‘hello’s’….

I realise that one doesn’t make the other any easier.

Luckily, all continues on in the endless circle of life: we can no more hang on to today as we can hang on to autumn…..

All is both change: changing and yet, somehow mysteriously changeless.

Life Itself is the same.

Your Spirit, your Consciousness, your soul is constantly changing and yet

Intrinsically changeless.

You were.

You are.

You will be.

Life Itself will always be. Form will always be.  Awareness will always be.

And yet none of us will remain as we were.

We will all endlessly change.

The death of winter heralds the birth of spring.

The death of this moment heralds the birth of the next moment.

The death of one experience always heralds the birth of the next experience.

The death of our body always heralds the birth of our next body.

The art of life is surely making the most of each wondrous moment as it unfolds.

Being de-light-ed, de-light-full and appreciative.

Giving it everything we have in that moment.

Our love, our passion, our compassion, our enthusiasm, our care…..

And then letting it go and moving on to the next……

That’s it.


Please don’t get too comfy with today….it’ll be gone by tomorrow!!

So what will you DO with today, today??


Need help?

Please remember I am always here for you.

Be well, be safe – be happy!


Peace be within you.