In my last article I suggested that TRUST in one’s real self, one’s ‘Inner Self’ is the best remedy for all the ills that beset us.

Instead of trusting this doctor or that therapist, this counsellor or that teacher, we need to trust that still, small voice we hear ‘within’.

This takes mindfulness and also takes fearlessness…..

With mindfulness we can cut through all the brain clutter that stops us being able to be present and clearly hear our inner wisdom.

With fearlessness we access an internal assurance that reminds us we are safe, regardless of any and every outcome.

Such an assurance is impossible, I believe, without a conscious and personal connection to the Divine.

That doesn’t mean becoming a second Jesus or even in any way becoming ‘religious’.

But it does mean consciously embracing the Spirit we all find when we deeply and seriously go within.

And there lies, as Shakespeare put it, “the rub”…….because many  of us have lost our connection and have a sense of separation from the Divine Presence.

Indeed, many of us feel a deep sense of separation from one another …..a sure sign of separation from All That Is.

And feeling separated from the Presence we automatically act warily, move cautiously, tread carefully and interact hesitantly.

We revert to being Primeval, using our anxiousness and constantly ‘on alert’ brainpower to keep us safe from being eaten by the lion.

We see everyone and everything as possibly hostile and maybe dangerous.

Life becomes a warzone – at home, at work, socially, economically…..

I believe all of our problems and distressing difficulties arise from this This sense of separation and disconnection is the core issue we all face…. the only real impediment to our being fearless, forthright, joyful, loving and courageous as we travel through life….

The answer is obvious:

–         put time aside

–         go quietly within

–         reconnect with your ‘Inner Self’

–         embrace the Divine Presence as your presence…….

–         Mindfully watch your negative issues dissolve into nothingness

–         Give thanks

–         Promise to stay reconnected!!

Much love,