For forty years I have been sharing my Truths.

I have done so from a place of love and generally for almost free.

The only costs most people have incurred are the book and meditation cd production costs and venue and overhead charges for retreats and workshops.

I tell you this because today – with the world in even greater turmoil – it seems to me critically important that humanity radically changes its behaviour if it wishes to avoid total catastrophe.

Everyone of us needs to make a choice: are we a GIVER or a TAKER?

Love gives.

Spirit gives.

Caring gives.

Greed takes.

Selfishness takes.

Ignorance takes.

What choices are you making daily?

Giving will heal ourselves and society in a thousand ways.

Taking will destroy ourselves and civilisation as we know it.

Businesses grow into being worth trillions of dollars.

Whilst over a billion people have inadequate housing.

Executives strive to earn multi millions of dollars a year.

Whilst, even in Australia, 150,000 men, women and children are actually homeless.

No-one in government really cares less.

Many business people and politicians welcome higher unemployment and its resultant grief and anguish: it’s good, they insolently say, for the “bottom line”……

Cash has become King.

Winning has become a god…..

What do we want? More!

When do we want it? Now!!

How do we get it? Anyway we can!

The world even has a “Code Of War” so we can legally remove people who restrict our taking of their land and resources…..

The irony is that everything of real value is freely available.

We simply have to choose them.

Real Value includes:








Inner Prosperity




We can’t but any of them!!!!

We can’t negotiate for them, bargain for them or vote for them.

We can’t gain any of them through military might, commercial takeovers, industrial actions, domestic violence, racial intolerance, monetary cunning, supply embargoes or government policy.

We gain them FREE OF ANY COST OR CHARGE by simply going within and embracing the Spirit (which truly is Love) which we find therein.

We simply choose to own and live according to our Inner Truth.

There is no alternative choice if we wish to exist free and happy.

We all have the same Truth within – call it what you will.

So let’s get real for a change.

The world is truly worth it……and so are you!!!

Peace be within you.



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