The Amish and the current societal upheavals – continued

Thankyou to the many people  who commented about The Amish and the current societal upheavals.

The world has always been a dangerous place.

From Ghengis Khan to the two World Wars there’s been little peace and always massive destruction.

Somehow, in spite of this, Man has slowly found his “Inner Being” .

This discovery continues today.

He cannot destroy himself (only his outer body) and he cannot destroy the planet (it will shrug and continue on).

So, ultimately, all is safe.

Our only shelter during any melee is the Divine.

And after all is said and done,  the Divine is also our only reality.

So, ultimately, all is also fine.

Below is an edited reply from a subscriber to my last article regarding the Amish and their attitude toward “the pandemic”.

I feel it perfectly sums up the only long-term sensible response to the madness and chaos currently consuming humanity.

I trust it gives you nourishment and inspiration.


I have listened to many opinions and perspectives. I then proceed to say that I am not interested in anything that anyone else has to say on the topic. I hear it, it is pretty hard not to nowdays. But that’s where it stops. I hear it.

I am solidly in Universe mode. I am guided by source in all things.

If it feels resonant to me then fantastic.

If it does not then we part ways happily to do our own things.

Whilst the world has melted down with Covid I have been fluidly, seamlessly, divinely, gracefully guided in loves embrace.

I have felt only divine support and guidance in all things.

And building noticeably every day.

I have been, what feels like to me, systematically and firmly guided away from my work environment and any energies  that are not for my highest good.

I have wholly opened up to God grace and trust in all things that I am provided  for and led where I need, when I need. 3 years ago, I could 0have talked to you about it and understood what you were saying but not how it truly felt to be in alignment.

Now, I’m on the other side and trying to explain how it feels.

It is magnificent. I am humming  with the energy. Vibrating  with it.

I love that the Amish let go and trusted God to provide.

And that all will be provided for. All in divine plan.

I often have conversations with people who try to convince me I have made the wrong decision.

And my response is always “There is no wrong decision.”

I am told I won’t be able to do this or that, that I will be limited.

My response  is “Well of course I would be…with that attitude.”

That is however not my belief.  I’m told I can’t go to restaurants soon.

“What an excellent opportunity for me to learn to cook amazing meals.“

You can’t go to social gatherings. “Then I will go to my favourite place,

Nature, and spend even more time there and connect even deeper to Spirit.”

I am loving this time.

Yes some people are experiencing huge shifts, are being challenged in big ways.

I? I sit.

And I give thanks that I am one who is here to hold Gods love and be of support.

And for that I am always grateful.


Stay safe, stay well, be happy!

Blessings and Namaste,