The 5 Minute Life Purpose Exercise

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” 

Robert Bryne, the American author wrote this famous line.

His contemporary, Adam Leipzig, a film studio executive, converted it into a simple, yet profound, talk……how to find your life’s purpose in just 5 minutes.

He asked his audience just five questions which I’ve printed below…..

Do you have 5 minutes now? Today? This week?

As soon as you can try this…..

Who am I?
It’s so important to know who is doing the doing!

So take one minute and remind yourself that you are the Divine Presence enjoying a physical existence, right now, as you, in your body………

What do I do naturally, effortlessly?
We all struggle with things. Trudi and I find lots to struggle with!! But we also find lots of things come naturally and effortlessly.

Take a 2nd minute to write down all the things that come easily & effortlessly (things like laughing with friends, smiling at people, walking the dog, patting animals, reading a book, driving a car, mowing the lawn, writing my articles).

Who do I do it for?
My purpose in doing those things may certainly be to experience such simple pleasures….but if that’s only for me that’s just ego. I’d like to think and hope that our activities at Heartland help other people (and animals!) too.

Take a 3rd minute to write down your own list of people who could benefit from what you can do. Make it as extensive a list as possible (of course we can never be certain who might benefit by our actions! Many good  deeds enjoy extraordinary ‘knock-on’ effects!).

What do others want and need?
Let’s just look around for a moment…….it’s so obvious what we all seek for!

So take another minute to scribble down your findings!

Then, as the best being you can be, in the moment,  merge the things you can do effortlessly and easily with the needs of the people you can do them for to find your life’s purpose!


How do others change as a result of my being me and doing what I do best?
For Trudi and myself your emails, cards and testimonials show us some of the changes you’ve experienced – in part, possibly due to our efforts with these articles and with Heartland. And we see lots of great changes within ourselves, too!

So take that 5th minute and note down how YOU have helped others on their Journey through life……simply by being (and doing)….. moment to moment, the best you can be and do……as easily and effortlessly as possible.

That will confirm for you how to live your life’s purpose!

Welcome to your life’s purpose!

Love and Blessings,