Thank You For The Many Awesome Replies

Thankyou for the many awesome replies I received to my last email.
I thought this month I would share with you other inspiring emails from subscribers.
This one (from JJ) relates to the year-round art of ‘being the sharer’ and sharing…….
Please enjoy……and, if you can,  emulate……


I have been doing something different this year.

I was inspired last year by one of my young students.

He walks home from school past my house each day.

Every day of the lockdown, he left a little note in my letterbox, just saying

hello or with a drawing and with some wise words.

One that particularly resonated was:

Remember that it is not a bad life, only a bad day’.

I thought about the impact of those little notes.

I started to check in more often with the elderly neighbours across the street from me and we had a few occasions when we brought our dinner out and, properly spread apart, ate it out onthe nature strip.

I also decided that I would try to make a positive impact on people, whether they were known to me or were strangers.

I decided to try to do something each day.

Sometimes it would be something as simple as speaking to an elderly person waiting in the check out queue at the supermarket or cracking a joke to the pharmacy staff serving me.

I started a meeting up web page for my street.

People joined up and started to know who their neighbours were.

I just found little ways to make people feel happy or less worried for a few minutes in their day.

The effect has been amazing and it all fits with spreading love…….


Many blessings you all!