Everyone who has had to suffer one of my self-empowerment seminars or spiritual workshops has also had to suffer Trudi and my chanting along with my encouragement to chant along with us…..

So what’s the point, the benefit of chanting?

What’s the best time to do it?

And what kind of chanting is best?

First, the benefits……

Chanting focuses our Mind and so it reduces our stress.

We can’t be focussed on our chant and our stress at the same time!

It also prepares us for deeper and more powerful meditations.

Regular chanting connects us more consciously to our deepest beliefs and this, in turn, strengthens the conscious connection of our body to our soul.

But wait…..there’s more!

Chanting also consciously exercises the links between our brain, our heart and our truths through the medium of our expressions (both as our focus and as our voice, tonally and energetically).

That means that with regular practice our chanting helps transform our Outer Self into a mirror of our Inner Self: we grow externally into more of who we really are internally!!

What’s the best time to chant?

Anytime we can focus!

For most people that would be early morning before a short meditation or early evening before sleep or night-time meditation.

That said, it makes a great morning tea or lunch-break, too!

That’s because it doesn’t have to be a tiresome slog!

Ten fully focussed and deeply felt and lovingly expressed minutes of chant can cancel out hours of high pressure stress.

Regular repetition will greatly strengthen our inner transformation and do so quite effortlessly.

What kind of chanting is best?

The kind that makes our heart sing – even if we don’t understand the words!! That’s because it connects to our soul and our past and our inherent belief systems…..

That said, it’s vital that we understand what we are singing – but the first step is to feeeel what is best for us!!

(A man once told me that he sang the Sikh chant ‘White haired guru” for two years in an ashram – waiting for the ‘white haired guru’ to turn up……but he never did.

I gently explained to him he’d actually been singing the “Waheguru” chant which simply meant ‘God’ (who had of course been with him the entire time)……).

Donna Nobis Pacem is an awesome Catholic chant.

Om Mani Padme Hum expresses the depth of Buddhism.

Devakinandana Gopala is a wonderful Hindu chant.

Hare Krishna reflects the joy of Krisna Consciousness.

Aad Guray Nameh is a rich Sikh chant.

You Raise Me Up is a magnificent Christian song.

Call On The Light Within is our favourite Sikh (western) chant.

The Long Time Sun is a glorious ancient Irish blessing……

And of course, as everyone who has been to one of our retreats knows, my own favourite chant is “Zippidy Doo Dah!!”……

Find your own favourite, focus on it for at least ten minutes every day…..

Let your voice express it with joy,

Let your heart embrace it with love.

Let your Mind acknowledge its truths…….

And watch your Outer Self gently transform into its living Temple!!!

Peace be within you.


Les Dyer

Community Of The Heart – Australia


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