Like most people, in my younger days when things went “wrong” I consulted psychics. Palmists, card-readers, clairvoyants of every ilk.

And time and time again during the reading I would be told I had a special “guide” with me called (as best they could ascertain) Morkeye or Morchai or Morke or (most often) Mordechai.

I found it amusing and assumed the psychics each had a copy of some “secret” book which arbitrarily named “guides” according to some particular physical attribute, unresolved situation, style of voice  or unusual head shape of the client.

Obviously, in my case, this unknown book said that bald men with an egg shaped head and squeaky voice = More-de=kye.

I’ve never found the book.

Probably because there isn’t one.

But I did find Mordechai.

He was with me all along.

Together we have now written several spiritual/self-empowerment books, hundreds of meditations and a few thousand articles like this.

Guides are an integral part of our makeup.

They are as real as your nose and your toes and everything in between.

Most people can’t see them or physically touch them.

But everyone can certainly feel their presence!!

Most of us have at least two to help us explore and optimise the duality of attributes we have, male and female.

Some have extra guides for specific purposes such as healing, counseling, medicine, science, business, the arts, the humanities and, of course, spiritual.

They can be as subtle as that small Voice inside that urges you to ‘go and stay in their spare room Sunday night’ which led, in Trudi and my case, to our life-long partnership……

Or they can be as loud as a megaphone like the time I was on my way to a Sunday night spiritual meeting as guest speaker when, approaching a set of lights (which were green), I was screamed at to STOP.

Totally confused but obedient I stopped. (Yep. At green lights!)

I nervously studied my rear vision mirror for cars that might come up behind and hit me but luckily there were none.

Moments later a large furniture truck blithely ignored red lights and roared through the intersection to my right crossing in front of me precisely where I would have been…..

Guides can be as clever as the time a couple in Canberra asked for spiritual healing and when I phoned them to confirm they would be undertaking the process at the same time their old Grandfather Clock – silent for many years – immediately started chiming!

Our Guides are here to offer support throughout life.

If you’re not listening to yours you’re missing out big time!

So go deeply within.

Remain still, as if patiently waiting for a valued visitor to arrive.

Ask with total sincerity for help.

Listen carefully as answers stream into your awareness.

Be genuinely grateful.

Now sit back and watch what seems like magic as it unfolds….

Peace be within you.