Spirit now and then….

Many people have asked me if our Spirit changes temperament life to life.

Spirit, for me, refers to the life-force that enlivens and keeps us conscious and aware.

Soul, for me, is the individualised expression of life that I call ‘me’ that grows in awareness through the experiences of life after life after life…..

Spirit is the eternal breath of God.

We are always Spirit – sometimes as pure energy, sometimes as pure energy functioning in a three dimensional suit we call “our body” …..made entirely of “matter” called atoms of various convolutions which are in fact simply highly structured energy vibrations entirely lacking matter of any kind at all.

Soul is the individual expression of that Oneness, of that Spirit.

I believe that each soul learns from its experiences and so changes its behaviour life to life…..as it also changes its race, gender, occupation and circumstances.

It’s impossible to die.

We simply transform – rather like steam into water into ice into water into steam into water into ice and so on endlessly…..

During transformation we keep nothing that isn’t ours: so we only retain our deepest, most intrinsic, energies – those feelings which personalize our innate Being-ness.

Grumpy doesn’t keep grumpy – but Love certainly keeps Love.

Anger doesn’t keep angry – but Compassion certainly keeps Compassion.

It is the WHOLENESS of our feelings which we keep.

Our negativities we transmute through Karma…..(next week’s article).

Over the years I’ve ‘seen’ the previous 6 or 7 lives of many people – and they are often radically different to the person sitting opposite me at the time!

If coming to one of our retreats, you can ask me about yours if you have a consult……

Many blessings,