SoulLight New Year 2023

Another year looms ahead…..

How will you handle its highs and its lows, its ups and its downs, its hurts and its joys, its positives and its negatives…..??

We all have them.

No-one is immune from them.

No-one flows through life without them.

I have as many as anyone else (maybe even more than some of you, sometimes)……..

The answer is to treat all these experiences, feelings and thoughts (good and bad) as casual visitors: they come, they go.

Few take up lodgings long-term.

They pop in. They leave. They come back. They go. They call in…..

The secret is to recognize your body and your brain as a physical Accommodation Centre for all these happenings, emotions and feelings that simply travel through……

Each of us – you and I – manages our own Accommodation Centre – but ‘we’ aren’t the Centre. It’s just the place we manage, live in and experience through.

‘You’ and “I” are Spirit. Pure. Simple.

A dear friend wrote to me last week: “I know that whatever the personality looks like it is the True Self which is Real and in everyone & everything..”

So this year choose to manage your personal Accommodation Centre more professionally. Encourage a better class of clientele if last years’ were too rowdy. Upgrade your accommodation options to include massage, sauna, meditation, chant, organic meals, sports, fun and games nights.

Fix any broken fixtures, upgrade the furniture and improve the lighting.

Encourage great guests (thoughts) to stay longer and persuade guests that damage or misuse your facility to go elsewhere……

Above all, remember your Accommodation Centre – whilst not being ‘you’ – still reflects the attitude and opinions you hold about ‘you’.

So make sure it shines brightly!

Make 2023 the Year you win an ‘Accommodation Centre Of 2023’ award!!!!

Trudi and I wish you, your family, friends and community a peace-filled, positive, healthy and happy New Year!!


Peace be within you.