SoulLight Easter 2023

Easter is upon us.

The only faith I have “belonged to” in the last fifty years is my own.

In that time I have been neither Christian, Jew, Buddhist nor Hindu.

So, for me, Easter is either an ancient tale, remembered each year by those who honour the beautiful Spiritual Teacher it relates to – a holy day…..or a good excuse for a long weekend – a holiday.

Trudi, my beautiful wife, has therefore come to my rescue and proposed two awesome acronyms to express much wisdom at this very special time of year for many people.

I am delighted to offer them to you.


1.    EASTER                    2. EASTER

Everyone                             Everyone

Appears                                Appears

Stressful,                              Safe,

Traumatic,                           Thankful,

Exploitive,                           Enriched,

Resentful                             Radiant.


Both can relate to all of us.

The first describes us when we feel lost and alone.

We look upon the world with a certain negativity.

The second describes us when we have found a reality far greater than our little selfish ego.

Both are simply external reflections of our internal state.

That said, the latter acronym is far more beneficial!!

Easter is a great time to take a while to reconsider the truth of who and what you are and what’s truly important.

This isn’t what somebody or some system told you to believe – but what you deeply, really believe about yourself….because that’s the only truth that really matters.

What and who do you truly believe you are?

What motivates you to get up each morning?

What inspires you to do what you do each day?

Who or what encourages you to be the best person you can be?

And what does it really mean to you to be that ‘best person’?

May I thank each of you for being in my life and for enriching it simply by being here.

My own Easter acronym:

Everyone Always Shares The Eternal Reality.

What’s yours?

Many blessings for an Easter richly filled with Love.

May Peace, Kindness, Friendship and Loving Compassion fill each heart!

Peace be within you.