SoulLight Christmas 2022

Wherever you go, I shall go
Wherever you live, so shall I live
We shall be together for ever
Your people will be my people.
And your God will be my God, too……


A friendly chat with Spirit reminded me of this 5th century BC story of Ruth (a Moabite) whose Jewish husband died. She tells Naomi, her mother-in-law, also just widowed, that she will stay with her although her husband’s death has set her free to go back to her ‘own’ people.

“How does a 2500 year old story relate to the 21st century?” I asked.
“Nothing’s changed” Spirit replied.
“Really?” I asked incredulously.
“Really.” Spirit firmly answered.

I carefully explained that we were now on the cusp of endless energy from nuclear fusion, infinite help from artificial intelligent programs, extended life courtesy the miracles of modern medicine……not to forget driverless cars and trucks, battery driven air, road and rail transport, robotic labourers handling everything from warehousing to retailing, office systems to communication systems, soldiering to policing, catering to aged care and disability support……

“Nothing’s changed” Spirit reiterated.
“Nothing?” I asked disbelievingly.
“Nothing.” Spirit firmly answered.

I proceeded to gently explain that human beings had now developed nuclear power capabilities, computers capable of undertaking up to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 computations per second,  a worldwide internet, planetary satellite communications, 3d printing of just about any body part, cameras that can see into (and photograph) both the next galaxy and the shadow of an individual atom……..

“Nothing’s changed” Spirit stated a third time.
“How can you say that?” I asked.

“Everything you’ve mentioned was already in existence. It was simply waiting for you to uncover it. You think you’re so clever because you’ve discovered it. Yet you are far from clever. You still get ulcers, tummy aches, headaches, wage wars, pilfer ideas, steal other people’s family, purloin other people’s money……..

Most of you ridicule and demean one another, abuse both yourselves, the poor and the disadvantaged, take advantage of the misfortune of others, disregard courtesy and kindness…..sadly, nothing’s changed.”

“We don’t all do all those things.”
“Some do almost all the time; others only when it suits or benefits……..
Overall it’s the reason your society may well collapse”.
“So how does Ruth fit into this picture?”
“She was a Moabite, a pagan. And yet she found the truth (represented in the feminine by Naomi) and she chose to stay with it”.

“And us?”
“You are well aware of the truth of your being but often pretend otherwise to avoid personal responsibility for your actions……you don’t stay with it.”
“Don’t stay with it? Such as …?”
“ Recognising the cruelty with which birds and animals are treated but   looking the other way in order to ensure they remain a meal on your plate…..”
“Understanding that thousands of species of animals from polar bears to rhinos, leopards to tigers, orangutans to gorillas, koalas to platypus are moving to extinction on your planet but taking little action, if any, to stop it”.
“Ah-ha, I get it…..”
“Knowing that your planet is hurtling toward human extinction but still blithely allowing it to be raped and pillaged, desecrated and plundered…… overturning its natural, beautiful coherent state……”.

“So what’s the answer?” I asked
“Rather obvious, isn’t it?” said Spirit.
“Find the Divine and live by its tenets. Don’t treat your consciousness as a technique for gaining a new car, a new relationship or a new job. Treat your knowingness with reverence. Acknowledge the Sacred as the wisdom you follow. And then follow it. By such means can you heal both yourself and your planet”.
“So don’t use our spirituality as a technique for getting this or that….?”
“Never, Embrace your spirituality as your Path and your guiding Light.

“And Christmas?”.
“It represents the birth of a man who did just that. Celebrate in style!
But more importantly be as He was. This Christmas birth the New You who finds the “God within” and obeys your own loving nature and follows your own embracing wisdom……..
This Christmas give the gift of your promise henceforth to work daily toward human and planetary rehabilitation.
Become part of the solution, don’t stay part of the problem…..”.

Wherever you go, I shall go
Wherever you live, so shall I live
We shall be together for ever.
Your people will be my people.
And your God will be my God, too….

Trudi and I wish you, your family, friends and community a peace-filled and healthy, happy festive season!

Peace be within you.