Dear Friends,

Some time ago I promised changes in the way my messages would be sent.

My purpose was to make it easier for you in our ever-more busy world…..

I am now on the cusp of that change – even ‘though I am a computer troglodyte!!

Messages in future will be sent as videos – generally no longer than 2-3 minutes.

I don’t want to hold you up!

They’ll also be sent as normal as words so you can file them away if you wish.

I am creating the first series as short stories which I hope you’ll find enjoyable!!

To trial this system I have created a short video about Heartland’s 5R program.

If you are able to share this with others, we’d be deeply appreciative.

Like everyone else we need guests to stay open!

Our November 18-22 retreat still has private rooms available….still only $895.