Something different – Seahorses & Heartland in 2016

It’s the male Seahorse which gets pregnant.
Isn’t that extraordinary?

After Mr & Mrs Seahorse mate – following an eight hour courtship dance in which they change colour – she drops her bundle of fertilized eggs into a pouch on her husband’s stomach. The male then carries the eggs, protecting them until they hatch out of his body – anything from 5 to 1,500 baby seahorses, one at a time … always knew it was tough being a male!

In the spirit of something different, Trudi and I are re-opening Heartland as a spiritual sanctuary you can now stay at for personal time out. For just $95 a night (minimum 2 nights) you can enjoy your own private beautifully prepared room, the meditation Hall, the huge library, the large saltwater pool, the peace and the quiet … you can use the kitchen and cook up a storm for yourself!

Write, read, meditate, listen to music, brush the horses, go for walks, catch your breath as the Milky Way lights up the night sky … In a bustling world of noise, traffic jams, deadlines, aggression, stress and pressure how awesome it is to be able to get away for some uninterrupted “you-time’ for a weekend, or 3 or 4 days midweek …
(Trudi and I will be up at the house so no-one will be totally alone!).
(We’re also offering Heartland as a venue for small Groups (10-20) in case you’re looking for one!).

Speaking of looking for one … there’s over forty different species of seahorses. But in all species the female, freed of pregnancy, can get on with preparing for her next batch of eggs.
Amazingly, they mate for life – and they love to swim with their tails entwined together.
Now that’s real companionship for you – and very different!
Seahorses have no stomach and no teeth – and yet they eat up to 3,000 brine shrimps every day!
Their eyes operate independent of one another so they don’t miss any tasty plankton!
It’s an amazing world.
Sometimes, we just need to take the time out to relax and be able to appreciate it!

Love and Blessings,