Shanti Deva, born in Delhi in1926

Last article I wrote about the four year old (now probably nine) who both remembers before she was born; and has told her parents she still has angels watching over her.

This week I’d like to tell you about Shanti Deva, born in Delhi in1926.

Around the age of three she told her parents that in her previous life her name had been Lugdi.

She claimed to have been previously born in 1902, to have married a cloth merchant named Kedar Nath Chaubey and to have lived in Muttra, a town about 150 kms from Delhi, before she died ten days after the birth of her son…..

She retained this memory so vividly that when she was nine her parents wrote to see if there was a cloth merchant named Kedar Nath Chaubey in Muttra. There was – and Kedar himself wrote back to say that his young wife, born in 1902, named Lugdi, had indeed died ten days after giving birth to a son…..

He sent his brother anonymously disguised in a crowd to see Shanti in Delhi and the man was instantly and delightedly discovered and recognised as her past husband’s brother. Kedar then visited Shanti himself unannounced and was instantly and rapturously recognised – indeed she called him by his ‘pet name’ and made him his favourite drink, without asking.

When she was ten Shanti was allowed to travel to Muttra with a committee who were investigating her claims.

At the train station in Muttra she picked out another past relative from the crowd; and then she gave the car driver explicit and correct instructions (without any prompting) regarding the quickest route to her previous home…..

On the way she passed an old gentleman she quickly recognised as her previous father-in-law.

On arrival she noticed that the house had been painted since her death – but she was able to correctly describe (in advance) its layout, down to gardens, cupboards and stairs…..

She also visited her previous parents who were still alive; and instantly recognised them in a crowd, calling out to them by name.

During this visit she even spoke in the local Muttra dialect (unknown in her home town Delhi).

Next week I will share with you an even more interesting case!!!

Until then remember that you are Spirit – always were, always are, always will be!!!