S.T.O.P. N.O.W.

Many of us start a meditation practice but find it either boring, tedious, too complicated or simply a time-waster.

So we give it up and return to the hurly burly of reactive brain-work.

Six months’ down the track we wonder where our peace and delight in the everyday has gone…….and we yearn for the stillness, the silence and the clarity we once had…….

Many people stop meditating because they think it should be a formal, cross-legged, lotus-position process that includes chant, mudra hand positions, loud oms and thirty spare minutes….

But it doesn’t.

It can be just as beneficial when treated as a 2-3 minute exercise when undertaken several times a day….

Here’s a simple process for you…..

Stop what you are doing

Tell yourself to focus only on slow, deep breaths

Open your heart to the gift of this moment

Perceive something right in front of you with fresh eyes

Note how you are feeling inside

Offer to love yourself much more

Wait for the Spirit within (or your guides) to talk to you.

The way the world is heading it’s vital for our health that we find the solace and serenity of the Divine within.

This is one of the greatest gifts of S.T.O.P. N.O.W. meditation.

It’s the perfect antidote to the insanity, the noise, the chaos and the turmoil which assails us almost everywhere we turn.

When you’re ready to include guided meditations to your repertoire I suggest you peruse our own original offerings, (each around 20 minutes on average) available as cds and downloadables: https://inspirationalweekly.com/meditation-cds/

Most are psycho-therapeutic: the more you listen to them, the more they will change the way you handle and relate to the world.

Eyes gently focused on something in front of you…………breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth (formed into a small round opening)……..do it so quietly you can hardly hear it…..then breathe in again without a pause…..keeping it up for just two or three minutes each time…..

Now see the quiet inner beauty of the thing you focused on.

Feel the peace and beauty within yourself, too………

That Peace and beauty is always within you.