Requiem is a latin word that means “rest”.

Its most common use today is as a Catholic mass.

But it also means any act of commemoration for those that have ‘passed over’.

As such, at a time such as the world is experiencing now, it becomes relevant.

For most of us, the horrors of war are limited to tales in history books.

We haven’t personally experienced it.

But over 200 million people in the Middle East, Africa, South America and

Eastern Europe are currently facing it every day.

And every week thousands of innocent people are killed and thousands more are badly wounded.

The answer is obvious and self-evident: people need to learn to treat other people as they would like to be treated themselves.

That would end war. Forever.

But how are we, the bystanders of these massacres, meant to deal with it?

How can we best deal with the trauma war sets up within ourselves?

This is a serious question and it deserves a serious answer.

That answer is also obvious and self-evident: we need to recognise everyone as an eternal aspect of the Divine and therefore – just like we commonly say – those that die are simply “passing over”.

Not dead and gone.

Not ‘finished’.

But simply passing over into a new form…..into a new life.

Just like all of us do at the end of every lifetime.

And that understanding includes every soldier, every citizen of every belief or economic or racial organisation.



All passing over……

Into a new life, a new opportunity to remember who we are.

To remember who everyone is.

Yes, their current life has been terribly cut short.

Yes, each and everyone of them is sadly missed by their family and friends.

But, thankfully, each and everyone of them still lives on……and will forever.

They simply leave their unusable physical body behind and move into a higher vibrational zone (which most of us are often unable to see).

Here, they heal, refresh and rest before moving on to their next life.

How many times have you died and returned?

What have you learnt from all those previous experiences?

What will you learn from your current life?

Surely, we have reached a level of awareness by now that war is an abhorrent, wasteful, hurtful, ignorant and thoughtless activity that is best discarded.

And we’d naturally discard it if we all simply learnt to treat each other as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Peace be within you.





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