Remembrance and Introspection

Dear Friends,

Now is the time for us to remember and give thanks for the many brave men and women who in the past gave selflessly for the common good.

For me, this means remembering all those who gave sacrifice for freedom and peace across all countries and across all wars across all time.

My prayer is that we may all wake up and co-operate to ensure that war and human slavery is relegated to history.

Lest we forget.

At the same time I believe we should be visualising a new world.

The vast amounts of financial support being distributed at present shouldn’t be simply for the retention of the old ways.

Rather, as a nation, we should be looking within and from the truths we find there planning for a new Australia.

This must surely include being willing to equally (and just as speedily) establish protocols and expending money for:

–         Funding homes for the homeless

–         Funding jobs for the jobless

–         Funding safety for our unique and endangered wildlife.

–         Funding security for everyone in Australia.

–         Respectfully embracing aboriginal culture and wisdom

If we can find money to retain the status quo we can surely find money to establish a new inclusive Australian culture.

That is surely what our fallen diggers would applaud.

So today make your isolation a time for positive visualisation as well as Remembrance.

Do it because you love humanity.

Do it knowing that a new Earth can unfold on the other side of our sacrifice…a new way of caring, of sharing, of helping one another, of working constructively together…..

All it takes is our willingness to embrace positive change.

Let’s visualise it into existence for the benefit of all Australians.

Many blessings,