Remember – the pain you feel will pass!

It seems that, for many, the world hurts more each day.

More seem to suffer from cancer, more from heart disease, more from high blood pressure, more from diabetes and more from family breakups.

Maybe in some way that is so for you – or for a loved relative or friend.

Many people lately have emailed me asking for my suggestions to handle relationship breakdowns… I thought I would remind you of my suggestions for handling these truly gut-wrenching experiences.

I have kept the list short and to the point so you can easily share it with those in need.

1. Feel the pain, don’t avoid it – and it will more quickly pass. We all tend to avoid pain but it is in facing it and feeling it that we diminish its power over us!

2. When you want to cry, cry. When you want to scream, scream. Don’t hold back. That will help it pass. All energy needs to be released – and through expression we more quickly release it (rather than holding back and letting it go, teeny bit by teeny bit, over an agonizing long time!

3. Be especially kind to your Inner Child. Normally it is this Inner Child who is the hurting part of your persona because it is this “child” whose expectations have been crushed, damaged, destroyed or, if those expectations were negative, have been confirmed.

Love yourself. Know that you are OK, just as you are.

4. Find the positive in your situation – YES, there’s always a POSITIVE way to see it!……..(freedom, new opportunities, new horizon, new state, new friends, etc) ….. cling to these new perspectives. Turn them into positive affirmations and repeat them often every day! You can never say them too many times!

5. Know that “this, too, will pass”……..remind yourself of it every hour.

6. Get a slogan (such as “everything happens SAFELY as is meant” or “when one door closes I give thanks that another opens!”)……pick one that makes sense to you and make it your national anthem.

7. Start working practically toward your new and potentially wonderful future. Don’t just think about it – but DO things to actively work toward it. Focus fully on it.

8. Give THANKS for all the wonderful things in your life. Emphasise them. Make gratitude an ‘every moment’ exercise and experience. Blot out the darkness with the light of loving thanks!

9. Mix with as many friends and other people as you can – don’t go into yourself and become lonely.

Above all, stay consciously aware that Spirit is guiding you, nurturing you, caring for you. It may be necessary for the Universe to change the path of life you were expecting to continue travelling upon……but Spirit never does this vengefully or angrily.

It does so out of love for you and your future: find a way to recognize and acknowledge that Greater Power that loves you and really does uphold you in every way!

Hope that helps you or someone you know!,

Stay brave.

Remember – the pain you feel will pass!

Have a beautiful week!



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