The Master smiled at his small entourage of hopeful followers.

They were fisherman, trades-people with a smattering of middle-class folk, all seeking an end to economic, social and religious domination by outside interests.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within” he carefully stated in his most carefully crafted Aramaic.

“Is that it?” asked someone in the small crowd.

“That’s it! That’s the path to reality!” replied the Master energetically.

“I thought you were going to tell us something earth-shattering like the meaning of life” called out a man at the back.

“Yes” added another “something to give us hope and understanding”.

“I was hoping for a whole new way to see life” replied a third.

“It’s okay but I preferred last week’s” suggested a fourth.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within!” reiterated the Master once more.

“Understand that……and you understand life, death, living, loving, everything!” he beamed.

“Something to think about” called out a man from the front.

“Definitely worth keeping in mind” offered another.

“I’ll write it down and add it to your other sayings” a third generously mentioned.

And another day dragged on in Israel……..

The Kingdom of Heaven is within.

Not out there; up there; over there, through there, some day, one day…..

But here, now.




What do you find when you go within?

Go deeper……deeper…….deeper……let go of everything you think is real, material, actual, factual, practical, sensible, permanent, real…..

And there it lies, waiting, living, loving, being, knowing…….

The Kingdom.

Life without any sense of end, limit, condition or structure…..

Suspend judgement: simply go within.

You’ll know when you’re there….and so will that Master!

Love and Blessings,


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