There is a beautiful song by Shaina Noll which we sing at Heartland:

“Return again, return again,
Return to the Land of your Soul”.

Many people wonder how to actually return to such a place – where is it?

How did we lose it? Where can we find it?

The answer is to simply be willing to return.

To re-turn: to turn again.

Most of us have, at some time, unwittingly turned our attention toward the outside world of mayhem, murder, the malicious, the malignant the mad and the greedy.

Remember that everyone you meet is extraordinary – for each and everyone is the divine godlight!

Everywhere you go is sacred space; everything you do is a sacred act.

Every time you do anything with anyone it is a chance for God to sing and dance!

Be at peace – here, there, everywhere, every moment of your eternal existence!

And remember you are loved…..always in all ways!

All we have to do is turn back.

Turn away from the external selfishness and chaotic materialism of the world and turn inward toward the peace and love and selflessness and gentleness we find there.

This is not complicated.

It doesn’t need a degree in theology or astro-physics or psychology.

It doesn’t require the burning of your bank account passbooks or the axing of your beloved possessions.

It doesn’t ask for the acceptance of any dysfunctional relationship or the wearing of a hairshirt or a regular flagellation for addiction to Mars Bars, potato chips or tequila.

We simply have to turn back.

To turn inward.

Everyday a little more.

Everyday a little deeper.

Try it this week. Extend yourself.

Deepen yourself.

Find a little more of your real and eternal Self……

Blessings to you, your family and friends,


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