PHYSICAL LIFE – The Ultimate Gift

Over the last thirty years I have encountered thousands of people who felt that Life was, at best, an endless challenge and, at worst, a devilish curse. I have met a great many people who wished to quit it. Some did.

What do you think Life is?

A tough trial, a hard lesson, a sick joke, an endless challenge to combat….or maybe just an act of ‘nature’, a mistake, the effect of colliding molecules, a momentary illusion in an endless void,,,,, or maybe an opportunity to maximise, an interesting task to finish or a special purpose to achieve?

It’s really none of these things (although it may very well seem to be so whilst we remain in various degrees of unaware!).

It is a gift.

It is the Ultimate of Gifts.

Physical life embraces our state of Spirit-hood. Our Spirit-hood is our inner state of being – and we all have this state within us, of course. This is the very essence of WHO we be – joy, love, peace, bliss, co-operation, trust, faith, sincerity, authenticity, patience, selflessness and wholeness to mention just a few of its descriptions.

But physical life also embraces our state of Human-ness. Our human-ness is our outer state of being. This is the very essence of HOW we be our Spirit-hood – of our feelings, sensations, desires, wishes, yearnings, attractions and repulsions.

It is reflected out to the world as our behaviour.

And it reflects the level of absorption, awareness, embrace and one-ness that we have achieved with our Spirit.

When it reflects a lack of connection to our Spirit we see it as dysfunctional in its actions.

When it reflects a total connection to Spirit we see it as One-ness, wholeness, holiness.

For most of us, we sit somewhere in the middle:  we reflect a small level of true functionality, of deep awakening to the angelic energies that exist within us.

And this is the gift: that rather than simply being in any state of existence we are able to be in our chosen state knowingly with a full range of feelings, sensations and gratitudes.

Instead of simply being joy, through the medium of life we can express joy abundantly.

Instead of simply being love, through the medium of life we can express love deeply.

Instead of simply being peace, through the medium of life we can know peace richly.

Instead of simply being co-operative, through the medium of life we can be co-operative purposefully.

Instead of just being – like all the angelic realms – through the medium of life we can express our being-ness with a richness, a depth, a passion and fullness that arises from our feelings and sensations.

We can experience feeling the enormity of our deepest being.

This is the Ultimate Gift.

It is given to us – not to throw away as too hard, or too abstruse, or too ridiculous when we have lots more important things to do like earning another dollar or buying another car….

It is given to us as a Gift.

As the Ultimate Gift.

Life allows us to be consciously HERE expressing ourselves fully with absolute awareness, fully understanding who we are and what is important – and being it with ALL of our feelings, our intentions, our desires, enthusiastically and knowingly.

Points to ponder this fortnight:

How are you going to use this Ultimate Gift this year to move yourself toward your innate greatness?

How will you embrace more of this Gift and express your deepest being, free of ego, in 2011?

I send you boundless love!

Blessings to your family and friends,


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