We can never understand another person.

Not really. Not fully.

That’s because the Universe made us all of the same stuff – life.

But also made us all absolutely different.

Just like out of billions of carrots no two are ever the same.

Ditto onions.

Ditto apples.

Ditto possums.

Ditto fish.

Ditto orang utans.

Ditto us.

Billions of variables ensure we each have a unique thumbprint, a unique tongueprint, a unique footprint, a unique eyeprint, a unique voiceprint.

We also each have a unique set of emotions, of thoughts, of memories, of hopes, of visions, of desires, of negativities, of positivities, of opportunities and of possibilities.

In such an amazing reality we can be responsible only for ourself.

And we do by taking responsibility for consciously expressing our (True) Self.

Whenever we this, we recognize that everyone else is also entirely responsible for their selves…….whatever that might mean, for them.

We’re not responsible for them.

This means we don’t have to demand that anyone else do anything.

We don’t have to insist that they “fix up their stuff”…..or “deal with their issues”… or “clean up their act”…..

That’s up to them.

It’s their journey, their trip, their passage from Sleep state to Awareness of Consciousness and All That Is.

We are asked only to “fix up” our own situation and our own attitude toward them as part of our current world.

Personal responsibility is only the responsibility of the person: no-one else, ever.

It’s over to you and me……..!!!

This week, think of someone you feel responsible to change in one way or another – and give up. Just work on yourself and watch how quickly you change!!!

Blessings and hugs,