Pasha our new Director of Hospitality at Heartland
Pasha our new Director of Hospitality at Heartland

Everyone on Planet Earth is part angel, part animal.

If this offends you because of all the ‘work’ you have done to lift your vibrations toward the spiritual, I apologise.

But it makes no difference.

If you are on this living life-orb as it spins on its axis around this part of our galactic neighbourhood, then you are part angel, part animal.

Accepting this reality can greatly help you ditch all those demands of the ‘inner critic’ for you to be perfect.

By all means strive ceaselessly to improve yourself, as the ‘inner critic’ (the angel-within) will encourage. Be more of the angel you are, express your lovingness as much as possible whenever the chance appears or the opportunity shows itself.

But don’t fall for the illusion of thinking you can overcome all your lacks: no-one on this planet ever has.

By the same token, don’t fall for the delusion that you can delete your animal nature: no-one on this planet has ever done that, either.

You are meant to be an animal, an intelligent, caring, generous, considerate, compassionate and constructive animal…..moving toward ever-greater consciousness.

A thinking animal, rather than a reactive one.

A thoughtful animal, rather than a habit-controlled one.

But an animal just the same.

The secret of life is to thoroughly enjoy being the animal you are and to thoroughly enjoy being the angel you are, too. Allow both to play co-operatively and positively together as one in the fields of life.

Allow your passion to exist alongside your compassion.

Allow your likes to exist alongside your love.

Allow your zest for life and action to exist alongside your zest for God and One-ness.

Stand naked and admire the perfection of your animal.

Stand naked and admire the perfection of your angelic.

The two are one in you.

Understand, appreciate and become fully aware of the powers and potentials of them both.

Live them both to the full.

Be them fully until the time comes, under a different sky, for you to release one back to the wild; and to fully embrace the other as your future Self.

Choose wisely each moment: both have their rightful place within you.

Love and Blessings,


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