The Way Forward – Part 2

Two articles ago I shared with you one of my deepest beliefs – There is but One World and one Life – and it is Divine. I shared how I believe we are ALL part of the Divine, not just created but actually a living expression of it. And I also shared how I believe … Read more


This week I’d like to share with you Trudi’s most recent blog. It was a response to the current public outrage at Australia’s live animal-export trade. She actually beat me to the punch – I was in the process of writing a similar article myself! To read more of her wonderful and totally inspired writings … Read more

The Way Forward

In this article I have tried to share with you one of my deepest beliefs. Please accept my wish that you will read between my awkward words and see between my cumbersome lines Truths that speed you homeward…… Last article I spoke about The Way Forward. The article before I spoke about Sai Baba who … Read more

When The End Justifies The Means

Last week Osama Bin Laden most probably died. It seems the country in which he was living wasn’t notified of another country’s intent to fly its aircraft across it to bomb a particular property which their President “hoped” housed the man they sought. When the combatants reported success (and a number of deaths) people cheered … Read more

The God-Man dies

Last week Satya Sai Baba died, aged around 85. The man considered the nearest living thing to God by millions of his devotees left behind him a maelstrom of controversy. Some said he was just a clever magician, some said he was a fraud, others said he had disturbing sexual practices, still others said he … Read more

Are You Still Imperfect? That’s perfectly Okay!

Are You Still Imperfect? That’s perfectly Okay! Trying to get it right? Still trying to be perfect? Forget it, it’s never going to happen. Or at least never whilst you’re here on Planet Earth. That’s because being perfect isn’t the exercise. The exercise is being sane. This is not so easy in a world that’s … Read more

EASTER – The Ultimate Revolution

I recently wrote to tell you that my best-seller, The Return Of The Master, is now being printed in the US and available again, both on and through Heartland. Its reprint reminds me of the amazing impetus to write it that came from the Divine. For a while, not being in denial, not being … Read more

ONE de FULL (part 2)

Dear Friends, Many thanks for your replies to my most recent article in which I spoke about Life as being ONE-DE-FULL. One dear friend wrote to me: “I am struggling with your challenge for us. I’m feeling so disheartened at the insanity of our current society. I am in Margaret River, South West WA.. I … Read more

Life is Wonderful!

Life is wonderful. I’m sure you’ll agree – how could you not? Life, everywhere, and in every instant, is always wonderful. I can see you starting to waiver…..surely, you ask me, it’s not always wonderful, is it? What about floods, fires, famine, foreclosures, feuds, fighting and other fearful happenings – they can’t be viewed as … Read more