You overcome your anger by finding your love. The moment you access that love – it always lives deep within you, no matter how you feel or what you do – your anger disappears. Try it and see this truth for yourself – you cannot be filled with anger and love at the same time, … Read more

Holy Cows!! By Trudi Dyer

Dear Friends, I thought I’d give you a break from the general seriousness of my newsletters this fortnight! After all, we DO have a lot of FUN at Heartland! So…….below is a story from Trudi about our latest family members – three baby cows we’ve saved from slaughter. Quick reminder: Easter is next week and … Read more


This is the second short article from one of my upcoming books. I trust that it helps you, as it seems the first has (thanks to those who emailed me). I have written it – like all my books – for all of us. We all have the right to understand our wonder-full-ness – and to own it. … Read more


If all your questions about life could be answered, would you be happy? The answer for most of us would be ‘yes, but…”. And that ‘but’ would be the sticking point. That’s because it’s not what we know that’s most important – but what we do with what we know. Just a couple of generations … Read more


Some people may find this week’s article controversial – it may not be what you expect from a spiritual seeker. And yet, politics and social comment are just as relevant in spirituality as are discussions regarding personal values and actions. All of life is spiritual. All of life is Spirit, the very breath of God, … Read more

2012 onward …

I am interrupting my series of channelled messages to address the matter of 2012… “End days” has been a popular scare topic since time immemorial: the early Christians were certain the ‘end’ would happen within their lifetime and many latter-day New Agers have been of similar belief. The close of the Mayan Calendar has driven … Read more


I wish each of you a joyful Christ Mass! The Catholic christian church has celebrated the ritual known as Mass countless times to commemorate the private lives of tens of thousands of individuals over the last 2,000 years. It is fitting that Jesus should be included in their number through the ritual originally called Christ’s … Read more

The InnerStanding #11

The InnerStanding #11 HOW SHOULD I LIVE MY LIFE? Live life to the full! For has not God given you Life that you may experience it in all of its abundance and plenty? Your world is an illusion……yet, whilst you live upon its plane God asks one thing of you alone: Live all you can! … Read more

The InnerStanding #10

Dear friends, Our LAST RETREAT for 2011 is on super-special at just $770 for all newsletter subscribers! If you need to recharge before the “silly season” then come and enjoy some sanity at our final retreat for this year – still some vacancies November (28th – 2nd Dec). To help out we’re offering (this retreat … Read more

The InnerStanding #9

Dear friends, Grateful thanks to everyone who wrote to me “welcoming me back!” – your support of my Work is deeply appreciated. I must admit that sometimes I have felt quite alone in my beliefs. Following is the Mordechai answer I received to the question I asked (January 1991) regarding World Peace. I trust it … Read more