Mordechai’s Message To Us All

Messages from Mordechai through Les Dyer Since the early 1980s (as some of you know) I have channelled an “inner energy” called Mordechai. This energy, in part, embraces a higher aspect of myself… and in part is pure Universal Consciousness. In 2020 I intend to focus more closely on my core spirituality. This is one … Read more

One Very Magical Weekend

Dear Friends, In February we’ll be offering one very Magical Weekend: The FIVE M’s……. Mindfulness Meditations Mantras Mordechai (channelled Messages) and Mystery (“From the Heart” – a musical and spiritual circumnavigation with Martin Enock). So if you’ve ever wanted to take part in an enchanted Weekend this is your chance…. You’ll also enjoy Marvellous Meals … Read more

Rushing Headlong into 2020

As we rush headlong into 2020 I thought it might be a good time to hear from the CEO of Greenpeace Australia.  I feel this is especially important having just been told that the world’s biggest living eco-system – our own Great Barrier Reef – is now 50% dead (due primarily to fossil fuel mining … Read more

You are the new year

Last week I suggested we each resolve to change. And, like last week, I know that’s a lot harder than my resolutions imply. So what’s the answer? The answer is to awaken your INNER GIANT. This giant isn’t some kind of ugly monster – but your true Consciousness. It’s the same Consciousness that Buddha found, … Read more

You are the future

Last week I suggested you “Be your True Self”. And I know that’s a lot harder than my suggestion implies. But luck is on your side…it’s almost time to set your New Year resolutions! A resolution is something you resolve to achieve. It’s much more than just a wish, a hope, a fantasy goal. It’s … Read more

You are The Xmas Gift

Wildfires, floods, famines, melting ice, political chaos, economic stagnancy, religious scandals, terrorism, boat people, fake news…’s so easy to view the world as on the brink of something very nasty. And it’s so easy to feel utterly helpless….and unable to realistically do anything personally about such things. So often our response is to turn off … Read more

Your wisdom….#7

A beautiful Marist priest, Brother John Venard died last year, at age 80.. He’d written over 1,000 wonderful articles for his avid followers. This is the story from of one of them…… A woman asked her daughter to search through her mother’s bag for a missing contact lens. No luck. So the mother searched the … Read more


HEARTLAND NEW YEAR RETREAT! Watch the first sunrise of 2020 from the coloured cliffs overlooking the ocean… then breakfast with us right on the golden sands of Rainbow Beach! Dear Friends, Years ago we used to offer the most amazing Retreat between Xmas and the New Year……a truly special, sacred, heartfelt getaway. And this year … Read more

Your wisdom….#6

I would like to share a Message from Mordechai. As many of you know, Mordechai is a Spiritual energy that has transmitted a great many messages to me since the late 1980’s….. This was received today. We send you greetings and we send you love! Your world seems to be moving toward ever greater chaos, … Read more