We each have a Real Soul.

This is that shining light which is a perfect aspect of the Divine.

Always with us, it watches what we do, records what happens and guides us if we’ll stop and listen to it.

It is always safe, always healthy, always happy and always alive, no matter what happens.

This is why it is said that ‘we are made in the image of God’.

Our Real Soul is a perfect image of the Divine.


It is so important that we understand that, like the Divine Itself,  our Real Soul is always alive.

Nothing else really is: neither our body nor our brain.

Both our body and our brain are activated by that livingness we call our Real Soul.

What seems to be an alive body and brain is actually our Real Soul operating through our (non alive) eyes, ears, mouth, brain, legs, feet, hands, arms, etc.

Take our Real Soul away………. and the body and the brain are both immediately lifeless.


This Real Soul operates as best it can through the filter of our human soul (our ego) which uses this living energy to create whatever outcomes it desires or feels it can achieve.

Our body is best described like a puppet: it’s actually operated by two puppeteers . How well the puppeteers operate the puppet is dependent on which of the puppeteers is in charge of the puppet; and the degree to which the two puppeteers (our Real Soul and our Ego-Soul) work harmoniously together.

As we spiritually grow and move into greater confluence with our Real Soul then our ego and our soul work effortlessly together, hand in hand.

When this happens we realize that the Universe (the Greater Soul) is working in tandem with us, too.

We’re no longer fighting an uphill battle.

We’re no longer having to fight at all.

We move into ever greater harmony with God and All That Is – and our life starts to flow more joyously and with happier and more fulfilling outcomes.


A little recognized Universal Law is that what is alive is always alive.

What is dead is always dead.

Nothing which is alive can ever die.

Nothing which is dead can ever come alive.


Your Real Soul and my Real Soul are alive.

Because they are alive, we live.


This week, go into your Quiet Space (within) and make a serious commitment to work in greater partnership with  the One You Are.

See how the rest of your week then changes!


Blessings and hugs,