Brigitte from Brazil wrote this week:  “There is really nothing I want to ‘do’ except ‘be connected’….and feeling this connectedness, with it, I can do anything: from cleaning the floor to flying in the sky…but if I am not connected, not even flying in the sky is fun”.

This is our only real purpose: to be the consciousness – the expression of that Divine Presence – we find within when we move past our thoughts, past our personal hurts, traumas, needs, wants, fears and even delights.

This isn’t something we can think our way towards: in fact it only happens when we move into that endless stillness and beautiful space that’s behind and around and in-between our thoughts.

It isn’t some kind of ‘step’ on the way to One-ness: it is that One-ness…..

From this space/place we access our Essence and allow it to express itself through us, as us.

We still eat, drink, play, work, interact with others…….but we do so from a very different dimension.

Knowing about this different dimension doesn’t mean we’re there yet: in fact, it’s a certainty that if we are ‘thinking’ and intellectualising about it we’re not there yet. That’s because it’s a state of Being that’s radically different from our usual state of thinking and being “thought-based humans’ trying to figure out how to work through things. That’s our Ego.

Indeed, even to become ‘connected’ to it is a thought process – and therefore not the state we seek at all.

‘We’ don’t ultimately become connected to anything at all: instead ‘We’ become this deeper state of Consciousness which is our Essence.

This –no-thought-required Essence is our True State.

In our True State life flows effortlessly through us, not against us.

We start this process one moment at a time.

Then slowly we join those moments, one period of precious being-ness after another.

And then we allow those moments, that flowing, to link together one event after another.

Then one situation after another.

Until that most special of all moments happen when we forget what it was like before we let go…..and let God.

Spend a few precious moments being You this week………practice lovingly joining each moment to the next.

Be gentle with yourself – don’t demand the flowering of yourself into your Wholeness (that would be coming from your thoughts!).

Just let it unfold.

Most Importantly start your journey!

And always remember: you have Eternity to regain full conscious acceptance of That which you truly are – and thus experience Godlight as your own life.

After all, beyond every thought and idea, that’s your only Purpose!




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