Our best shot…

I well know how hard it is to watch another person, especially a loved one, do things that we ourselves either couldn’t do, wouldn’t do or believe we shouldn’t do.

I am sure we all experience this kind of dilemma at one time or another with our family, our friends or work associates.

I certainly have.

However, at the same time, I realize that my beliefs ultimately have no more legitimacy than their beliefs.

Everyone is doing, in the moment, what they feel is right for them, regardless of what we may think or feel about it.

And the ultimate truth is that, no matter what they do, they are SAFE because they are LIFE itself and therefore (in a greater sense) immortal.

We all have to die to this life sometime…..no-one stays forever……. and the secret of being here is to give it our BEST shot moment to moment from where we find ourself as an individual – that’s all that really matters.

That goes equally for everyone in our life, ourself included.

If or when that best shot for me is different from my loved one’s idea of a best shot (or someone else’s idea of a best shot) all we can hope is that the other person loves us enough to encourage us.

Not to try a different shot but to make the most of the way we have chosen to handle life.

When we get that encouragement, that’s LOVE!

When the tables are turned and we find ourself on the receiving end and we manage to still give that encouragement, we are then being love in action.

Blessings to you for a loving week,