When we realise we’re not our problems, hurts, fears (or even successes) – but something far greater, something bigger than we ever imagined that’s simply experiencing these things in the moment – we can move past our negativity and embrace our genuine greatness. That’s the start of living a truly ‘real’ life!

This greatness has nothing at all to do with ego: after all, the Divine didn’t put us here to see how “low we could go” – but rather “how high we could fly”.

We each have greatness that’s unique to ourselves……so comparing ourself against others is rather pointless!

Stopping the ‘comparison’ game allows us to safely embrace the personal wonder that we are – and that will ensure we live lives of great satisfaction and deep fulfillment.

This week, ask yourself: If I ignored my Inner Critic and just let myself soar what would I do? Who would I be?

Why not simply do it this week – and let your greatness unfold?