ONE de FULL (part 2)

Dear Friends,
Many thanks for your replies to my most recent article in which I spoke about Life as being ONE-DE-FULL.
One dear friend wrote to me:

I am struggling with your challenge for us. I’m feeling so disheartened at the insanity of our current society. I am in Margaret River, South West WA.. I went to a rally today against a huge coal mine, just one of 20 proposed mining leases in the area. There are plans for an oil rig too. This will be so damaging ecologically, and the huge companies world wide think only of profit. I do accept that all is Divine, that everything changes, but it is so hard for me to accept the change of 17 kms of beautiful State forest turned into sawdust for a road for coal to be trucked out quietly, without driving it through the tourist town. Or to accept the changes to the majestic river once the water has been contaminated by draining the water table to support the mine.

I used to be able to see it all as part of a balance, and trusted God. Lately it feels hard to celebrate in gratitudemy love for God, because I feel so hopeless, that I face such greed, that the only thing that has power in this society is money, and the fact that when rare animal species are affected, water compromised etc it is no more than a nuisance in the way of making more and more money. I feel almost wrong to be happy while all this happens.

I feel fear for our earth. I feel hopeless and frustrated. I can consider the ultimate eternity of what is True, that nothing material lasts forever, and that what is real (Love / God) can never die. But at the same time I feel deeply saddened by the degradation of our sacred earth, it seems so disrespectful to Spirit, to that which supports us.

So many sensitive people I speak to are struggling too. Not wanting to be part of such a destructive society, feeling that they can’t continue to ‘play the game’ and pretend everything is okay.
I am being presented with a view by many friends that we need to just stay connected to Spirit / God in our hearts, and concentrate on love and that which is in line with our integrity, ignoring thoughts that are aligned with fear. Sometimes this seems too ideological though when in reality the greed, polluting and craziness continues, although there are wonderful sustainable solutions. Accepting is a big challenge…”.

I totally understand the writer’s frustration and oftentimes feelings of hopelessness.

There was once a group of ten men came together because they had been told that if they gathered ten people together they could change the world. They held a meeting at which one person duly counted them off to make sure everyone was present. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9. He stopped. What had happened to Number 10? Another member of the group offered to check the numbers: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9. He stopped. Maybe he’s running late? Maybe he had an accident getting here suggested a third man……Or he had to work back proposed a fourth…..Maybe his wife forbade him from coming ventured a fifth……Or he changed his mind proffered a sixth…..What if he has had a heart attack in his car inquired a seventh…..or been set upon by thugs on his way added the eighth…..I think we should all go look for him recommended the ninth… which the tenth – who had simply failed to count himself in his original counting – heartily agreed. So they all went out to find the Tenth Man……

We are constantly looking outside ourself for ourself.
We forget to look within.
And we also forget that One’s Self is ONE Self.

What we find when we go outside ourself will always be lack, hurt, fear, greed, pain, selfishness, worthlessness and disappointment – limitations of every kind – at least that is what we’ll find in a world which promotes these limiting ideals. And this world, thus far, has thoroughly done so.

The above letter is sad testament to it.

However, society is rapidly approaching its moment of truth when our dysfunctionality as a life-force reaches its natural state of disintegration and we transform ourselves and our society by awakening to who we really are….

This is where you and I are headed, ready or not.
Goodbye the world we have known.

Hello the world that is coming!

Society is rapidly changing – the old ways are on their way out, the new more conscious ways are speedily moving in.

I am speaking economically, politically, socially, religiously, industrially, environmentally.

Dr Judy Moss has written that it is a fact that human stem cells have the potential to become anything – bone, muscle, skin…Scientific research shows that the only difference determining the end result is the environment they are bathed in.

So it is with people. If we bathe ourself in the existing negative external world we will continue to be negative. We simply won’t fit in with the newly evolving world. Like dinosaurs we will slowly die out. But if we bathe ourself in the uplifting and inspiring real inner world we will offer ourselves the chance to evolve positively – and to be part of this new revolution of awareness that is taking place now.

One-De-Full holds out the sure promise that the One (we already are!) is FULL of Light, of Love, of Peace, of Truth, of Co-operation, of Compassion, of Joyfulness, of the sweet delights of eternal existence. This is where the world is heading. But we won’t find it ‘out there’ in the negativity – but ‘in here’ in the truth of existence. It’s a choice we each make in each moment.

This week don’t let the negatives hold you back or deter you from your focus. Envision the new world so clearly that you live it in your every moment now. Right now. Just where you are. Just as you are.

Join the future of humanity today. Future generations will thank-you. Because for them life will be wonderful.
And for one’s Self we will find One Self.

And that, we will find, will be ONE de FULL, too!

Blessings and love,


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