Often in life we find ourselves at a crossroads ……


All of us find ourselves in this dilemma sometimes. None of us is immune.

It might relate to an illness and its cure; or a family situation and its healing; or a work environment and its options; or money problems and their remedy.

In each case, we find ourselves faced with multiple choice decisions, none of which are guaranteed and few of which are really certain.

It’s awfully hard to decide between something which “might” work, something else which “might maybe” work better, and something else which “might possibly” work, maybe even better still…..

Can you put yourself into this picture?

And that’s the dilemma: they’re all “mights”.

Doctors won’t/can’t guarantee healing.

Alternatives won’t/can’t guarantee healing.

Therapists won’t/can’t guarantee results.

Counsellors never guarantee anything.

Psychologists avoid the issue.

Psychiatrists dish out pills to blot out the issue.

Friends and relatives share their own perspectives, regardless of how that may effect you.

All can boast of successes.

All have a history of dismal “failures”……

In such a situation I think the answer is quite plain:

YOU are the active ingredient that swings the pendulum – success or failure – one way or the other.

And YOU swing the pendulum, regardless of which system you follow, based on the active expression of your OWN personal beliefs, attitudes and opinions.

So, putting every other consideration aside (and every view held by everyone and anyone else)……

Always go for that one.
Follow it all the way.

Add/steal bits (which you trust) from other techniques and therapies,  as you wish/can…..

And do so fearlessly: by this I mean try to be fearless by realising that regardless of the outcome you will be okay.

We all want things to constantly improve all the time – but sometimes they don’t continue to improve, instead they just change…..

So, if you lose your job another will come along.

If you lose your partner, you will adapt.

If you lose your money, you will adjust.

Even if you die you will still live, just in a different vibrational field…….

All is always undergoing change.

So when you’re unsure who to trust……trust your Inner Self!!

Much love,


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Heartland Retreat/Community Of The Heart

Have you ever wanted to pretend you’d never heard what you’ve just been told?

Dr Church met Adeline, a lady diagnosed with uterine cancer that had spread throughout her body. She had been recommended immediate surgery plus chemotherapy and radiation. Her survival chances she had been told were slim.

Stunned by her situation Adeline decided to decline medical intervention and to embrace the Divine by making her last few months as ‘at-one’ as possible.

Every day she took long walks through the forests, ate only healthy fresh food, meditated regularly, read only inspiring and positive stories and removed herself entirely from negative or annoying people.

She took long baths daily during which she visualised healing stars raining down onto and into her body….breaking up each and every cancer cell they touched.

After nine months she went back to the doctor for a checkup: no trace of cancer!

Seven years later, Dr Church reports, she was still cancer-free.

Do you want to overcome a situation that’s chilled you to the bone?

Or maybe gain a special job? Or realise a certain outcome?  

Perhaps attain support for a particular venture? Or help to achieve a beneficial result?

By putting your Mind to work for you, you can significantly influence what matters – and what happens in your life.

This isn’t gobbledegook but is supported by the very latest science and technology.

Your Mind operates in both ‘local’ and ‘non-local’ fields of consciousness– and various meditative and stress-busting techniques can help you easily access powerful energies that can change your life!

My April Weekend Retreat (evening 5th /all day 6th /7th April) will *explain these techniques *teach them to you including EFT, Alpha connection and Brainwave training *help you set up a plan to achieve your health/wealth/work/heart ambitions.

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