We’ve all heard that saying before……but it hasn’t stopped many of us acting as if we were.

Of course no island is really an island either.

It’s just a continuation above sea level of the land below sea level:

In truth all lands are a continuation of one another.

Put another way, the earth is one continuous land mass overflowing in places with water.

In the same way, no individual is really individual either.

Our individuality is just a personalised continuation in the physical of the one constant consciousness that is the very basis of our being.

Put another way, humans are one conscious life-force expressing Itself in each moment according to the particular characteristics of each of its collective awarenesses.

When we treat our island as if it were totally separate from every other land mass we can’t help but have an ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality.

And when we treat ourselves as if we were totally separate from every other physical life-form we can’t help but have an ‘us’ and ‘them’, ‘me’ and ‘you’ mentality, also.

Of course, we now know that no island is a truly indissoluble and disconnected island – and no human is an indissoluble and disconnected human, either.

We are all connected.

We are all, ultimately one consciousness.

But do we deeply recognise this?

And can we truly change our behaviour to reflect this?

We surely need to start at the human level.

Can we effortlessly see one another as another aspect of our own consciousness?

Can we easily treat one another as we would our self?

Can we respect one another as we would the Divine Itself?

Can we relate to each other with appreciation and respect?

Can we acknowledge that we are each, equally, a valued and valuable, loved and loving part of the Whole?

When we can, friendships will become richer and deeper.

We will enjoy the companionship and support of one another – and also the wisdom and experiences of one another.

As we grow together we grow our One-ness.

Mencius, some 2400 years ago in China told the people….

“Friendship is one Mind in two bodies” and

“Friends are the siblings God never gave us”……

When we truly live these truths, we find the world blossoms In unimaginable ways.

Life takes on a whole new meaning.

The Divine within teaches us new songs to sing and gives us new friendships to embrace.

Life becomes so much richer; and our very Self becomes so much more worthy of our love and gratitude.

Instead of being one on an island of strangers we become the One in an endless sea of consciousness.

Much love,