Just as we finish celebrating the birth of love, death ushers in our next challenge … the old year dies and opportunities and possibilities greet us at the doorway to tomorrow …
Another year dawns.

And yet for this new year to fulfill its promises, death must be our friend.

We must be ready – and indeed willing – to die to the old.
To die to the old ways of thinking.
To die to the old ways of doing.
To die to the old ways of loving.
To die to the old ways of living.
Only when we have died to old ways can we live in new ways.
Die a little and we get to live afresh a little.
Die a lot and we get to live afresh a lot.
Die completely and we get to live afresh completely.

This holds true for all and each of us, myself included.

Over the past few weeks I have been challenged, enticed, goaded and prodded into re-assessing everything from my way of living to my reasons and purpose for living. It has been both a challenging and enlightening experience. From it has come new insights and awakenings. Those of you who follow my writings and journey will be privy during the year to the changes that arise from this re-assessment.

You will notice, for example, my return this week to a previous newsletter format.
Like myself, are you willing to die to the old yourself?

Are we willing to let go of the comfortable, the habitual, the known – and step into uncharted territory?

I believe that our greatness and our greatest joy lies in this unknown.

The universe offers its boundless gifts to us in a thousand different guises – but we most often shy away from accepting them out of fear.

Let our promise for the new year be one of bravery.

Let us be willing to die – and be reborn, here, now, to our fullest potential!

Love and Blessings,