Mordechai’s Message To Us All

Messages from Mordechai through Les Dyer

Since the early 1980s (as some of you know) I have channelled an “inner energy” called Mordechai. This energy, in part, embraces a higher aspect of myself… and in part is pure Universal Consciousness.

In 2020 I intend to focus more closely on my core spirituality.

This is one of Mordechai’s message to us all…..

We do send you greetings; and we send you love, dear ones.

We would speak to you of being a disciple.

We do understand that in the very mention of such term you do turn off and be filled with loathing. For oftentimes in your past you have been a disciple and followed a person or a creed and in the following of that person or that creed you have suffered much hurt and much harm……

We would encourage you to follow NO person and follow NO creed.

We would encourage you, instead, to follow your heart – and thus to be a disciple of the One True Source.

We would encourage you to be a disciple of the One True Heart.

We would encourage you to be a disciple of the One True Life.

We would encourage you to be a disciple that follows the Path of Love.

And thus each of you, in being such a disciple, will follow your OWN path.

Is this not invigorating?

Is this not the path of True Freedom?

And is this not the path that will ultimately bind each of you to each other?

Indeed, it is.

And in being so this is the Path that will bring much peace, co-operation, wholeness, respect, honour, appreciation and self-worth to you and your living life-orb which you call Planet Earth.

And it will bring these things because you will BE these things.

That is the Path of the Heart.

So first seek inside yourself and determine if you seek to embrace such a Self and desire such a world.

Be honest with yourself.

We shall speak again……share more again…..

Peace Be Within You!