Are our minds FULL – or are we mindful?

The difference to our life is quite extraordinary!

If our mind is full it usually means its cluttered with junk.

That junk might be lack of self-worth, acceptance of illness as a fact of life, poor personal boundaries or unhappy relationships with others, etc.

And those negatives will significantly impact on our everyday living.


For example, if we tend to devalue others – maybe think most people are only worth 2 out of 10 – then we’ll find a lot of people who value us as if we were only 2 out of 10, too.

On the other hand, if we are mindful and value most people as 9 out of 10 – mindfully seeing them as the Divine in action – then we’ll find a lot of people will value us as if we were 9 out of 10 as well…..


Another example: if your mind is so full of junk you think you’re meant to suffer some illness from overweight to diabetes or worse, you possibly will.

But if you’re mindful – and recognise the extraordinary healing energy you already have within – you’ll be able to put your life-giving energy to work helping you to heal.

A quick example is myself: Since birth I have had a genetic condition causing average age of death as 36.

In my early years I underwent a great many surgeries. But then I discovered the power of the mind – and since 1979 have had NO surgery at all…..and have thus far DOUBLED the average lifespan of those with the condition.


Now, moving from ‘mindfull’ to ‘mindful’ has never been easier.

University researchers have found quick and easy processes – confirmed by eeg and other brain-monitoring equipment – to help people move from one state to the other with very little effort.

And the outcomes can sometimes be nothing short of radical change!





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A great chance to deeply improve your own healing – and learn to meditate and be mindful just like a monk who’s practiced diligently for over 20 years!!!

PLEASE share with your family and friends you know who are suffering.