In my last newsletter I asked for feedback.
One person unsubscribed; many dozens wrote supporting my views. Below is a smattering of those replies followed by an email I sent as a response to one person.
Maybe one of you, one of my readers, would like to take the matter to the next level……????


If we lived as a co-op in every sense,  we could start to heal and reverse this mess.  Co-operation vs Competition .   Never has simplicity been so needed, along with prayer !

I think as a people we need to stand together and let our leaders know that this is not alright.

I wonder how long we will wait for the me and every other person to wake up to change this reality and embrace the interconnectedness and interdependence. Replacing the government might be a quicker option.

I, for one, have been totally disgusted with preferences the Government has been giving……

I’ve been feeling the vibes of today’s society slip into a disgusting  societal malaise and destruction, without morals, faith, and care. Heartbreaking!

I’ve been asking How did this all silently eventuate??

They create war and materialism and debt and worry for us all just so we stay disconnected from the truth and the love that we are.

The money our government wants to spend on meaningless things is beyond belief. This money would give so many a meaningful life experience…..

I choose Oneness Les! I also choose a life of meaning and helping where I can.

As the singer Ben Lee says, “We’re all in this together.”

I wonder how we can get the ‘powers that be” to really see what they are doing?


I wonder if some are so new as souls to this earth that they simply lack knowledge or understanding? I’ve come to tolerate people I’ve met who appear self- centred & lacking any kind of spiritual awareness by reminding myself we are all of different ages. I think of them as babies unable to care for themselves, let alone anyone else.

I am able to tolerate these folk with some compassion by seeing them in this way. They need spoon feeding, they are loud & demanding, they require much patience, but mostly they need love.

Why these babies often seem to be in positions of great power & influence is not my business, but God’s. Why we can’t all evolve to be loving, spiritual beings who have learned from our previous existences isn’t my business either.

As I get older I more readily accept I’m simply not meant to understand all the madness around me. I focus instead on how I can help to bring peace & sanity to those I come in contact with. In this way I keep a sense of purpose while trusting Spirit to take care of the madness.

How do we change the mindset of the people making these decisions??


I think the political leaders in this country are well aware of the plight of many people.


Their first need is to keep/gain power.

Their second need is to retain powerful overseas allies.

Their third need is to grow the national economic base.

Their fourth need is to maintain peace within society.

The military, industrial and governmental forces attend to these matters.

Their funding is consequently a priority.

Everyone who falls through the cracks is a liability.

Financially. Electorally. Socially.

But as long as societal peace is maintained the problem remains outside the purview of those in power.

That said, my email will achieve nothing.


A National Day of ‘Marching for Fair’ across all states – thousands joining in marches for the Homeless and Helpless – one state each day for a week – might work wonders……

Worth considering: but it would need a national organisation to organise such a mammoth, substantial national rally.

Any ideas?

Love and Blessings,