I thought I’d change these articles to once a fortnight as I don’t like to intrude into people’s personal space.
This week’s message might be a tad confronting for some people…. I apologise, therefore, in advance.
Sadly, spirituality can’t be divorced from reality.
To see positive change within society we have to embrace it ourselves.


The Australian Government has offered 1.1 billion dollars to expand space agency facilities in Australia.

Obviously, there’s plenty of tax payers’ money to go around…..

And that’s wonderful….oh, err, um, hang on a minute…..what about homes for the hundred thousand homeless Aussies….?

Well, for the 2023 financial year the Government is spending around 50 billion dollars on its general defence budget.

Maybe a little of that might help…..?

(The new submarines due in 20+ years are separately budgeted to build and maintain for over 300 billion dollars over their short lifetime with financial blow-outs probable…..).

Maybe some of that money could be brought forward – as it always is for everything else the government thinks is “important”…??

That could help the homeless……????

It’s not like our government is afraid of going into debt…..

Federal government debt stands around 750 billion dollars, state government debt around 500 billion dollars.

(That’s the equivalent of $50,000 in debt for every man, woman and child in Australia).

No problem spending money, there!!!

Sadly, no problem at all for the politicians or the wealthy in their multi-million dollar homes….don’t worry – be happy!

No problem finding money for special events, or sports handouts, or community events in marginal seats…..

But what about our own homeless……the young, the old, the outcasts, the un-homed and the unnoticed….?

Don’t worry!

There’ll be a budget allocation of some kind for them in a ‘coming budget’  – after we’ve covered the important items….. like a new footy stadium, new jet fighters and essential upgrades to the fleet of commonwealth cars and offices….

But ‘worry’ is the everyday condition for close to five hundred thousand Aussies – from the young to pensioners – who are facing financial uncertainty or even eviction or already don’t have anywhere to live and are staying (many with their young children) in their cars or their tents……or – if they’re lucky – in a friend’s backyard shed.

Madness and stupidity has gripped this country and the world at large.

The ABS reports that in Australia “2.2 million women (23%) and 718,000 men (8.0%) aged 18 years and over have experienced sexual violence in their lifetime, including childhood sexual abuse…….”.

Last year alone, over 200,000 Australian families were broken into; and around 400,000 Australian households experienced malicious property damage

And finally, 3.6 million Australian adults have reported experiencing physical and/or sexual family and domestic violence since the age of 15.

What’s the point going on?

It’s just as bad worldwide……

40% of women have been raped in South Africa……

Over 8,000 people are executed in China each year……

Over 57,000 people are murdered in Brazil each year…..

Who cares?

Who does anything serious about it?

What would change if from the moment we were born until now, we were all taught and understood that we are all truly connected?  (Because WE ARE!).


Just as your body includes around 30 trillion cells but is just ONE PERSON so the 8 billion people on the Earth are part of just ONE BEINGNESS.

How do we then commit such atrocities upon one another?

What if our belief in the interconnectedness of all life was the foundation of our belief system?

What if we genuinely acknowledged that we are connected to the earth, its plants, animals, people and the universe itself in ways that make us ONE?

What if (as a friend wrote) “instead of seeing each of us as a separate physical object we saw each other as fragments of one another and truly acknowledged that One-ness deep within our being”?

We’d probably fix our ‘homeless dilemma’ without delay.

We’d probably change our behaviour and see our crime statistics rapidly diminish.

Politicians would start welcoming friends of every persuasion from every corner of the world.

We’d be doing friendly business with countries, regardless of their personal political biases.

We’d reduce our debts and easily improve our financial situation by spending money wisely and compassionately.

We wouldn’t have to turn toward any particular religion.

We’d simply choose to act from Love rather than from Fear.

Life going forward on Planet Earth will either be meaningful or an act of madness.

It’s up to each of us to decide…….

If enough of us chose One-ness then we’d move toward One-ness.

If we stay with Us-v-Them we’ll surely move toward greater Madness.

What’s your choice?

I’d deeply appreciate your feedback……

Peace be within you.