Pasha “on duty” at Heartland

Dogs patiently scratch themselves when they have an itch or fleas.

They happily eat when they are given food.

They eagerly drink when they’re thirsty.

They excitedly walk when they need to.

They easily sit when they feel like it.

They joyfully run to you when they like you.

They quickly run and hide when they’re afraid.

They enthusiastically lick you when they love you.

A Dog is divine consciousness expressing itself naturally – without any highly defined individual awareness

Humans have developed highly defined individual awareness. Yet – and maybe because of this – so often we don’t express our natural divine consciousness. We come from a place that’s artificial.

We can tell when we’re being artificial…’s when:

– We groan over our private irritations and fleas

– We moan if our food is not to our liking

– We complain about our drinks

– We whinge about having to walk or work

– We feel guilty about just sitting and being

– We cautiously approach others, fearing the worst

– We spend our life in avoidance of ‘this and that’, often without even knowing why

– We love only those who offer some beneficial advantage in return

Maybe it’s time to learn from our Best Friend?

What they do naturally, you and I were gifted with the ability to do consciously.

Yet, so often, you and I forget to be conscious……..and so we flounder around senselessly….

Sound familiar, at all?

Okay, anyone for a walk?

Hugs (no, not licks!!) and deepest love to each of you,