Many years ago when I first came to Brisbane I thought I “ought” to join a spiritual community.

So I took myself by taxi one Monday night to the Boundary Street spiritual church that advertised a meditation circle.

It started at 7pm so, being shy, I planned to arrive at 6.55pm.

That would avoid me having to socialize beforehand…..

I arrived at 6.57pm.

By the time I had crossed the gravel car park it was 7pm.

The man on the door saw me, looked at his watch and then slammed the door in my face and locked it.

I knocked in vain.

Having no alternative I walked a kilometer to the Valley and caught a taxi home.

I thought it had been a wasted evening.

I sat annoyed and in silence as we drove through the city.

Suddenly, the driver (whom I had never met before) started to regale me with a perfect narration of precisely what had happened to me that evening, without hesitating even once to ask how accurate he was.

He was correct down to the slamming of the church door and listing all my insecurities.

When we arrived at my house he turned off the engine, turned to me and told me that the Divine was expecting me to “get my act together”, stop hiding from the world, grow up, embrace a deeply authentic spiritual life, find my own path, and be a servant of the Truth.

I was gobsmacked.

He then asked me to vacate the cab and he drove off, unpaid, never to be seen again…..

Had I gained entry to that meditation group I may well have settled into a comfortable life with an occasional visit to enjoy a meditation……..

Instead, I created over 100 published meditations myself.

Instead of settling into just listening to others talk about Spirit I talked to Spirit myself, receiving well over 3,000 formal messages for both groups and the general public as well as for specific and particular individuals.

I became a long-term servant of God’s servants.

Who arrived in your space to upset the apple cart?

What did you gain from those unexpected visitors?

For me, life has been a series of unexpected and uninvited upsets that have, in time, evolved into life’s richest gifts.

The parent who turned his back on me gifted me with a sense of individual freedom…..

The family that turned their back on me gifted me with a sense of individual responsibility……

The bishop that ejected me from his church gifted me with direct communication with the angelic and spiritual realms….

The thief that stole the entire contents of my home and Sydney offices gifted me with a new and far healthier lifestyle…..

The man who arrived in my home and walked away with my partner gifted me with the space for a new relationship to occur….

The man who paid to have me killed gifted me with a very different but rich and rewarding life…..

The taxi driver who took me home after the man had slammed the church door in my face gifted me with the truth of Spirit…..

In each and every case I was forced into making space so that something even better could come into my life.

Everyone that comes into our lives is a gift from the Divine.

They are each a Guide that gifts us with greater understanding, greater strength, greater patience, greater wisdom, greater clarity and a chance to have a greater connection with the Divine.

Who have you met this week?

Who will you connect with today?

What will you learn about yourself and your place in Life?

Be grateful for each of them.

Learn from each of them.

Grow as a spiritual ‘being’ …….. courtesy of all of them.

And maybe – just maybe – you, too, will meet your next Teacher, your next Guide, next time you catch a cab (or Uber)……


Peace be within you.



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