Anyone like to arrange a richly rewarding Spiritual Empowerment Weekend in their hamlet, town or city? No prior experience necessary!!
As part of my new ‘Spiritual Outreach Program’ I supply everything except the people!  Small and large hearts & hands-on workshops offered.
Availabilities now open across Australia for January to June 2023.
If hosting feels right for you (or your group) please email or phone me for details. Let Spirit guide you!
Thankyou –

Les – Community Of The Heart – 0414 524 601



Hold up your hands…..what do you notice?

You’ve got two!!!

That’s one for giving…..

And one for getting…..

Amazing, huh?

It’s the same with Love….we give and we get.

The same with Kindness….we give and we get.

The same with Help…..we give and we get.

The same with Compassion….we give and we get.

The same with Charity….we give and we get.

The same with every positive expression of Life.

Of course, if we give negatively, we get negatively.

Give violence, get violence returned.

Give animosity, get animosity back.

Give hate, get hatred in reply.

Reject others and have it returned.

Deny others and experience being denied yourself.

At the end of the day, Love is what we need.

Every positive is an expression of that love.

Every negative is a denial, an absence, of that love.

So what actually IS that Love?

God IS that Love.

All we need is that Love.

All we need is to be able to express that Love.

So, all we need is God operating in our lives.

Luckily, all we have IS God.

10%, 40%, 70% – how much God-light do you consciously express?

Being God-Light isn’t a choice.

So, being Love isn’t a choice.

It’s who/what we ARE.

How much we express IS a choice – yours and mine.

And we get to make it every moment of every day in every lifetime……

(Remember the opposite of a thing isn’t something else but simply its absence).

What are you choosing for this moment, for this day?

Lots of Godlight………or just a little?


Need help?

Please remember I am always here for you.

Be well, be safe – be happy!

Peace be within you!