Someone once wrote:

“What if we released ourselves from the need to solve everything, and instead just asked ourselves to make a commitment to add more good things to each day? 


It reminds me of the time many years ago when I first moved onto and set up New Veda Spiritual Retreat in the hinterlands about twenty kilometres south of Gympie.

The car I drove belonged to someone else and when they moved away I was suddenly without transport.

How to get food and other necessities for myself and guests?

I decided to follow my own teachings (ha-ha!) and so

I simply gave thanks to the Divine – several times each day – for supplying the answer and got on with helping to build the Temple.

Within a week an unknown lady turned up and offered me, free of any cost or obligation, a red Toyota Sedan, fully registered and roadworthy. She said a friend had told her I was without transport and she felt the urge to help me out….

I was so delighted I had a photo taken of me popping out of the boot!

Some months later we had a guest who told me she was without transport and so she sadly couldn’t accept a lucrative job offer……

Yep – you’ve guessed it – she left in the red Toyota Sedan….

And I was again without transport.

I went back to several times a day giving thanks to the Divine for again supplying an answer.

Just a fortnight later I ran another retreat and this time a man drove all the way from Canberra, some 1400 kilometres away.

What shocked me most was that his car – a gleaming white and immaculate Ford station-wagon – had not the slightest fleck of road dust on it (not even one squashed bug on its windscreen)!

It was in showroom condition!

I thought the man must have been an angel (like the aviator in Richard Bach’s  best-selling wonderful book “Illusions”).

And he was an Angel…..sort of….!!!

Because at the end of the retreat he asked if someone could please drive him to the airport for his trip back to Canberra….

“Whaaat? But what about your car?” I asked in amazement.

“Oh, I felt to bring that up for you!” he replied. “I took it to a car detailer in Gympie three days before arriving here who cleaned it up for you. It was a mess after travelling that far. It’s yours now,

No cost.”

That car became my best friend.

We went to Cairns together, Victoria together, Adelaide together, until one sad night in Cessnock whilst I was running a meditation it was stolen by a couple of teenagers and driven 70 kilometres before crashing into a bridge with a 14-year old at the wheel.

No-one was hurt but the Ford was written off.

I was car-less once again.

Once again I returned to giving thanks to the Divine for supplying the answer…..

This time it took three weeks.

I ran a spiritual service at the Maroochydore Masonic Hall and at the end of the service a man – David – came up and asked me to sign some papers for him.

“What are they?” I casually asked.

“Transfer papers” he casually replied, pointing to a shiny white

Econovan sitting in the carpark.

“It’s yours now. No cost”.

Many guests to our new retreat called Heartland saw or travelled in that van, later repainted by Trudi and myself blue…….

Eventually it died.

And yes – I gave thanks again…..

This time an ex-nun – Barbara – advised us by phone that she had just been gifted her sister’s flash car so would we like her

existing red Toyota sedan, no cost……….?

Many of you remember the car, I am sure……we kept it for many years but then our retreat chef, Wayne, required transport so…… you’ve guessed it already: we gave it to him.

Today we travel in a gunmetal grey Commodore…..and yes, it arrived just as the Toyota sedan left…..

The moral of this totally true story is obvious, isn’t it?

Simply gave thanks to the Divine – several times each day – for supplying the answers you seek – and then watch miracles unfold!

This is just one story from many that I can personally recount.

So now, it’s your turn……what commitment will you make to add more good things to each day?

How will you make that commitment to the Divine?

And what simple things will add to your enjoyment and ease?

Need help? I’m always here to help…….

Peace be within you.