This is the single, most important – and necessary – achievement for any of us at our current stage of spiritual evolution.

Until we fully like ourself we can’t love ourself.

And until we love ourself, we can’t truly love anything or anyone else.

Until we can sincerely acknowledge that we like ourself we can be certain that we still don’t really know ourself.

To genuinely and fully know ourself is to like ourself.


All of our beliefs in everything else, including such concepts as God, love, life, faith and truth are meaningless fantasies and shams – belonging only to the intellect – if we don’t like ourself.

Such ‘intellect-only’ beliefs are handy tools to help us seem to manage to manipulate our way through the trials and tribulations of society: but they have nothing to do with intrinsic truth if we do not like ourself.


We cannot know of God (we’ll discuss its meaning in a later page) and not like ourself.

We cannot truly know of love and not like ourself, et cetera….

When we don’t like ourself we don’t really like anything or anyone else.

So nothing we get and no-one we meet ever truly satisfies.


If we don’t like ourself, we find fault in others and in things.

If we don’t like ourself, we seek fulfillment outside ourself in others and in things.

If we don’t like ourself, we are dissatisfied no matter how rich we are, beautiful we are  or successful we are…..nothing satisfies us.

Meditate on this during the week: Do I truly LIKE myself?


Like yourself enough to be honest with your answers: therein lies the PATH that will lead you to wholeness!

Much love,