Light a candle…

Dear Friends,

Now is the time for us to express our spiritual light…

Where there is isolation to reach out as community

Where there is loneliness to reach out in friendship

Where there is worry to reach out with positivity

Where there is lack to reach out with help

Where there is fear to reach out with encouragement

Where there is hopelessness to reach out with hope

Where there is distress to reach out with nurture

Where there is sickness to reach out with healing

Where there is death to reach out with compassion.

And wherever there is darkness to reach out with Light.

Now is the time to bring Light into the world.

Light a candle each morning to honour those who watch over you;

Light a candle each afternoon to honour those who support you;

And Light a candle each evening to honour those who pass over…….

Touching and hugging and kissing may be banned this day…. but loving and clapping and dancing and singing are not.

Fear may engulf the unaware but it can never overwhelm those for whom Spirit is your companion through all adversities.

So be the Light of that candle throughout the day.

And know you are shining a divine light on the Path that leads to a bright, more caring and more inclusive future   (inspired by Alison, Heartland’s very special Hostess)


Many blessings,


Les and Trudi